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First let me welcome you to my blog aka my Sportspocket. Although I am far from a journalist or advance blogger, I decided it was time to flex my written creativity. My hope is have a few posts about my views on sports, which will then lead into a more specific posts dealing with player development. Hopefully I can connect with more sports bloggers and build a relationship with those interested in sports and athletes. By no means am I an expert, but I plan to learn as I go and hopefully get some much welcomed feedback from all of you. I am here to relay my feelings and hopefully we can build a rapport with one another to share our passion for sports, no matter what the area.

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“A Peyton for Your Thoughts”

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Early this morning I heard the news of Peyton Manning‘s impending release from the Colts.I have to admit I was kind of shocked. I mean when the news first broke about the surgery and the rumored Andrew Luck pick, I figured it was a possibility. But after Manning came out and said he was healing fine, and especially after experts were saying his throwing motion was intact, I figured he would just restructure his existing contract. Boy was I wrong!… But what’s interesting about this move is that it is probably the right one for the franchise and its future, but the wrong move for the short-term. Yes Andrew Luck will probably be Peyton 3.0, but even great pedigree needs time to develop. And during the time it takes to not only develop Andrew Luck as a quarterback, but to build an effective supporting cast around him, Peyton will stick it to them every chance he gets… In actuality, Jim Irsay probably already figured this out and just decided the consequences of his actions was easier to deal with then passing up a hall-of-famer… So in retrospect, the best business decision was made, but all the Colts fans should pray that this works out how it is supposed to because if a fluke injury happens or somehow Andrew doesn’t live up to expectations, this could be the beginning of the end. ..What do you think??


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Lessons Learned from NBA All-Star Weekend

Pro Bowl 2009

After watching the NBA all-star weekend festivities, there was one thing that was very clear. Yes the slam dunk contest was lack luster and the all-star game was basically a better version of the slam dunk contest until the fourth quarter, but guess what? The weekend as a whole was still better than the pro bowl. How is this possible? Football is arguably the greatest game in north america and the revenues draw billions of dollars. It is easily the most profitable sport and the marketability of the sport and its players is off the charts. So why is the most popular sport in america also the most unwatchable when it comes to prolific displays of the sport’s top talents? Would you believe the answer is revealed in the question.Well somewhat… Lets take baseball. The all-star game is one of the most competitive games of the season, and why is that? Because it means something.. Yes there is a lot of stupid drama surrounding the NBA All-Star weekend (ie over hyping D-wade’s foul on Kobe) but there is only the possibility of over hyping these situations because of the history behind the all-star weekend. From Magic Johnson coming back to play after his HIV diagnosis to MJ’s dunk from the free throw line, there is history in all of it. The only story that ever comes out of the pro bowl deals with how much the game sucked. I understand that players don’t want to get hurt because they are being paid millions of dollars on a non-guaranteed contract, but damn! Ultimately it’s the fans that pay for the stadium, it’s the fans that pay for the players, and ironically its the fans that are getting robbed. The saddest thing is that it’s probably too late to turn it around. The pro bowl is just a single game, not a whole weekend and yes I know people will say “ but what about super bowl, and its media day and the excitement that comes with that weekend of the super bowl.” Yes Super Bowl is great, but it’s a championship, different argument all together, and even though the Super Bowl rocks, it can’t take the place of the Pro Bowl, because it’s a championship. Super Bowl commercials can cost millions of dollars and the average citizen could never afford tickets to the game itself. I know of some nightclubs that charge more at the door during all-star weekend than they do to get in the rookie-sophomore game… Which brings me to my next point.. The NBA gave Charles Barkley and Shaq their own teams to take the place of the regular-sophomore game. Now I’m not saying that this decision was the best or that it should be permanently implemented, but it does show that at least the NBA is trying, trying to give the fans what they want and what they deserve.  What remains to be seen about the NFL is whether they care enough to try to make it better. Sadly, without any serious consequence determined by the game’s outcome, or a vast history to uphold and/or build upon, it seems like NFL will never learn its lesson.

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The Rasheed Impact

It’s been reported today that Rasheed Wallace will come out of retirement and join the LA Lakers.. my question is, WHY?.. Even though i have never been a pro athlete, I have learned a thing or two about what makes athletes come out of retirement and this doesn’t seem like an ideal situation. Despite the positive reaction from a lot of NBA guru’s, this decision doesn’t seem to make sense. Firstly, if you are going to come out of retirement, shouldn’t it be to contend for a title?? Don’t get me wrong, with Kobe Bryant on your team, you certainly stand a chance, but the way the west is looking, Rasheed can’t be so naive to think to himself “yeah, all they need is me, I’m the missing piece”..Even if Rasheed’s skills haven’t diminished as much as they probably should have, his greatest upside still wont be enough. Yes he can bring a toughness that has been lacking with the Lakers as of recently but toughness even by way of rebounds, aggressive fouls, and blocks still can’t make up for the ever-increasing off nights of Kobe, the lackluster play of Gasol, and the disappearance of the old Ron Artest. Maybe they are bringing him in as a kind of Artest replacement since his “meta word peace” persona has found itself into his basketball game, but i doubt it will make a difference. HIs minutes wont be the same as they were in Detroit and I doubt his quick temper has softened any. Rasheed will make a good story during the all-star break, but that story will not transform into wins. Sorry Lakers, good try though.


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